Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Start

Yeah, I am a new blogger.  Just what the world needs, I know.   I have no illusions that this blog will change the world or even the world of beer.  But I love beer and I love trying all kinds of beer.   The more beers I have had the more I would like to share my thoughts and reactions to those beers.  

Living in Texas we have a renaissance occurring.  The old barriers which have stood since the fall of prohibition have slowly begun to crumble and an influx of new and diverse brews have hit the shelves here in Houston and all across Texas.  We are still way behind such places as California and Colorado but the gap is closing.  I am all for the introduction of new beers into the state (and I am willing to try them all), but Texas needs to develop its own identity as well.

Microbreweries and brew pubs are few and far between in this great state but I also believe that strides are being made in this area.  With the opening of no less than four breweries and/or brew pubs in the last year, that increases the output of craft beer in the state dramatically.  Support your local breweries and brew pubs.  They put themselves out there because they love what they do.  And I for one love that they do.  

I may not love or even like every beer I drink and review, but I promise to be honest and forthcoming.  Please come on this journey with me.  Thanks for reading.