Sunday, January 24, 2010

Special Beer Event in Houston

After a wonderfully beer-filled Holiday season, the celebrating just seems to keep rolling on. It is well known here in Houston how the foodie world is interconnected and how well they work together on events and special projects. Local chefs visit each other's restaurants and host friendly "throwdown"-type events to the delight of food lovers all over the city.

Well, this same phenomenon is starting to appear in the beer community in Houston as well. I believe that owners of beer-centric bars have discovered that there is enough room in this fair city of ours that collaboration is better served than outright competition. To that end, The Petrol Station in Garden Oaks and The Flying Saucer in downtown have decided to collaborate on a week long event in February celebrating Stone's Vertical Epic Series from the past six years. This is truly an exciting event.

Starting Monday, February 15 on alternating days starting with the Saucer, each bar will have one of the Vertical Epic beers starting with the 2004 vintage. This event will culminate at Petrol Station on February 20 with a big party. There will be other specially ordered beers for this occasion as well. There are also rumors of special prizes if a person makes it to each day's event (hopefully more on that later). Tappings will start at 7 pm each day and there will be a band at Petrol Station on the 20th.

I am extremely excited about this event and I hope to make it to each day's event. If the rumors are true the prize will be very much worth the effort. Good luck to all that may try this marathon. I'll see you at the Saucer and Petrol Station. Slainte!


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    Love and Peace Julius. – Good luck to you.

  3. Sounds exciting, I would like to do this sometime.