Sunday, August 9, 2009

Real Ale Lost Gold IPA

Real Ale has made one of my favorite beers to get on draft for years, Full Moon Rye. Based in Blanco, Texas, this brewery just celebrated their 13th anniversary and annually release their Lost Gold IPA in the summer. It is only available on draft but is not widely distributed. I've had this beer before while visiting Austin but it has recently landed in Houston and I was able to partake at the Flying Saucer.

Lost Gold is a classic American style IPA with cascade, columbus, amarillo and summit hops. With an IBU of 55 it is not extremely bitter but the hops do hit you on the nose right away. The malts do come out on the back of the tongue and balance the hops out. It ends crisply and finishes cleanly. It is a beautifully balanced beer and quite possibly the best IPA made in the state of Texas. Shame that this is a seasonal offering and not available year round.

I'd love to have a blind taste test with the various IPAs made in Texas to truly see the how each compare and contrast with each other. Maybe some place could have a tasting and/or judging of this style or some other. Just an idea......


  1. Come to the Real Ale free tasting that will be held at Cannoli Joe's Italian Restaurant August 20th. If you like one of the brews that evening then they will be poured for $2.50 to $3.00 a pint. That's a deal!!

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  3. Had Lost Gold IPA in a bottle when it was first released and I was not its #1 fan. But too many beers taste completely different on draft than they do out of the bottle (poured into a glass, of course) like 471 and Shiner just to name a few. If I ever see the Lost Gold IPA on draft I'll make sure to give it another chance to see what I may be missing. Have you had the Hop Trapp from Lakewood Brewery yet? A local favorite of mine. They're a new DFW local brewery.