Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wow! I know it's been a while since my last post and I don't have many posts but I just found out I actually have a follower or two. I am feeling a little proud. So I believe I now have to be better about this blogging thing. So let me tell a story about last night....

Some friends at work and I have occasionally set up happy hours for random Fridays. Well, it had been a while since out last outing and we were feeling the itch. Normally we would go to the Buffalo Wild Wings which is closest to work because it was convenient for all of us. However, this time I felt like we needed to stretch our wings and try something out of the norm for everyone. So I convinced the gang to go to the Flying Saucer in Downtown Houston. Now most of these guys are the typical Mass Produced Light Lager drinkers. Knowing that, I was able to get them try some other things outside of their comfort zone.

For one it was Saint Arnold Summer Pils, for another it was Spaten Octoberfest, for still another in was Southern Star Pine Belt Pale. I felt proud that these guys were trying new things and enjoying the beers in front of them. I'll take that as progress. Even though I know that they will return to drink the Mass Produced Stuff tomorrow. I am not sure if this will happen again but I am hopeful that they take something away from this experience. Next time they are at the grocery store, if they pass up the Mass Produced stuff and ponder the craft beers sitting right next to them I will declare this a victory. is why I love beer! Everyone has different tastes and everyone can find a beer that suits them.

As for myself, I was all over the map last night: Victory Prima Pils, Full Sail Pale, Real Ale Lost Gold IPA. More on Lost Gold later. Thanks to those that discovered this blog and I will try to post a little more consistently in the future.

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  1. I always enjoy trying new Beers. You need to come visit the DFW area, and the Big Buck Brewery. It's only about 5 miles from my place. They serve exotic animal for food, and have a good selection of house brews.